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We have been buying our dog food from Nature's Select for years, it's the best dog food on the market and free home delivery? You can't beat that.

— Herman A.

We are proud to partner with Nature's Select Pet Food. All of our service dogs in training eat the Select Classic Recipe and are doing fantastic. These dogs have important jobs to do for their veterans and need good nutrition on a daily basis.

— Tom Tackett, Patriotic Service Dog Foundation

I have been purchasing from this company for over a year now and couldn't be happier with the service. I have an older doggy with tummy troubles and they have helped me choose the best food for her. My vet has reviewed the ingredients and agrees that this food is good for her. I have healthy food for her, free delivery and a great resource with Nature's Select. What more could you ask for?!

— Cheri C.

Once I started feeding my beagle Nature's Select, her allergies went away. She's like a different dog now! More active and moving around better. She loves the Cold Water Recipe. I've also noticed her coat is much softer and shines now. I tried going back to her old food and her allergies came back right away. I'll be sticking with Nature's Select Pet Food and they've made a lifelong customer out of me based on the terrific results! I would highly recommend their food to any dog owner.

— Ernie D.

We have been using the Classic kibble for 2 years now and our dogs still love it. Great formula. Love the front door delivery. They have done a good job of making their website user-friendly. Great value and I highly recommend their service!

— Sharon S.

I have been using Nature's Select since 2003. My dogs love the food and I love the great customer service. Love that it is made in the USA and that I don't have to worry about any recall issues.

— Donna D.

My german shepherd always struggled with hip pain and mobility issues until we switched her to the Select Plus Recipe with glucosamine. She is 12 years old and doing better than ever! Nature's Select Pet Food is the real deal, and you just can't beat their personalized customer service. I will be a customer for life no matter what kind of dog I have.

— Megan C.

My vet recommended that I switch my lab to Nature's Select due to her constant ear infections. Not only has she not had any more infections but her coat has never looked better!

— Heather C.

My dogs have been on Nature's Select Pet Food for over 10 years & they love it. The staff is amazing, they are all so friendly and professional. I have recommended them to all the pet lovers out there. I love the personalized email and phone reminders to order pet food when I'm running low, it's so helpful that they keep track of my order cycle for me!

— Michele L.

I bought my puppy the classic chicken recipe. It was such a great price and she loved every piece of it. Coming back for more. They are very helpful with selecting the right food for your dog and the samples are very helpful!

— Linda A.

Wanted to thank Nature's Select for their generous donation to the US veteran at the OCPCA K9 Show this past Saturday. Makes us love you guys even more! Our vet always comments on how healthy and beautiful our dogs are. The only food our dogs eat their entire (and long lives) is Nature's Select Pet Food. Thank you!

— Suzette H.

The dogs in training eat Nature’s Select and the results have been incredible! These are working dogs and it's imperative they get the best nutrition. We love this company because they support service dogs and our US veterans.

— Next Step Service Dogs

My partner, K-9 Puskas, has been on the Select Plus Recipe for a while now and it has done wonders for his joints. He needs to be healthy so he can perform his job daily.

— Officer Luis Galeana, Santa Ana PD

Nature's Select Pet Food is the best pet food ever! My bulldog thrives on the Select Cold Water Recipe and his health is spectacular even at his old age.

— Chad S.

My partner, Leo, thrives on Nature's Select Pet Food. This company is so easy to work with and I love all the support they give to local police officers. It's a privilege to support such an awesome, family-owned business.

— Officer Brett Klevos, Anaheim PD